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Playwork is a professional approach that puts children in charge of their own play, allowing young people to determine both the goals and process for themselves. It is founded on the belief that play is a human right, fundamental to individual and community health. Play is defined here as behavior that is as "freely chosen, personally directed, and intrinsically motivated" as possible.


Adult playworkers support and advocate for children's needs, setting up and maintaining child-directed environments like adventure playgrounds or pop-ups in parks, neighborhood streets, museums, hospitals, libraries, and anywhere children are found. Just as often playworkers work with other adults to educate and prioritize play in spaces where children are not afforded a voice. This role becomes more necessary in metropolitan areas such as Houston where children have little to no independent mobility and play needs are an afterthought to most development.


Free Play Houston supports the spread of playwork as a means of protecting time and space for play and we are pleased to provide links to excellent resources and trianing below.

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